Technical Services

The requirements for IT services are constantly increasing and in order to maintain the quality at European standards, it is necessary to permanently improve the processes and work conditions. In order to comply with the trends, in 2014 the new IT Service Center was opened, which responds to the highest standards of our global partners, and represents:
  • 40 high qualified experts, trained on all continents according to the programs of leading vendors
  • Stands for testing new generation equipment and software programs
  • Technical laboratories to simulate the new solutions in informational environments of our customers
  • Inventory of spare parts worth over $300.000 in order to provide the highest level of service (SLA)
  • 8 mobile teams to serve customers throughout Moldova.
In order to provide an effective interaction with customers, we use an automated service of technical support (Service Desk) based on standards ITIL and quality management ITSM, a methodology of high global reference. The customer’s information is treated according to ISO 27001, information security standard.


Technical Support In the category of technical support, we provide complex IT outsourcing services, (post-) warranty service and equipment repair.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is a process of transmitting the management of systems and information equipment to a third company. In this case, the executor guarantees the accomplishment of the services indicated in contract in accordance with the established service level (Service Level Agreement – SLA). DAAC System Integrator provides any level of technical services, the main type being the service with guaranteed recovery time of equipment/system operability that includes also the replacement of damaged parts. Now, for a fixed monthly payment, you can delegate the responsibilities and IT risks to a specialized company.

(Post-) Warranty service

We have authorized service centers for all the brands that we represent on the market. We are regularly certified according to the standards, and the invested resources for quality ensuring has made us the partner #1 of our vendors. In the contracts for technical services, we accomplish prophylactic works of equipment, remove the defects, replace the spare parts, upgrade the software solutions, and offer a non-stop monitoring of incidents. The equipment with which we have major experience is:
  • ATM and related products
  • Network equipment
  • Servers and storage systems
  • UPS solutions
  • Electric generators
  • High-speed printers
  • Office equipment
  • Apple devices.

Equipment repair

In the case customers don’t have an active contract for technical service, the equipment can be repaired on the base of single calls. But this option is not optimal if the customer wants to ensure business continuity. If a standardization regarding the time of resolving the incidents is required, or more – avoidance of incidents, our company encourages you to consider delegating the responsibilities to a specialized partner, through a contract of service of the critical components for your business.
Engineering Services Before taking the decision to invest in a new project, extension or IT reorganization, it is recommended to obtain specialized consultations. We offer a wide range of customized services, including: design, testing and ensuring information security, audit and consulting.


Having experience of more than a decade in implementing complex information systems, we have been spectators to major fails of some projects built based on most sophisticated technologies. From here, we attain the attention of our customers to the fact that a professional design defines the success of the final result. DAAC System Integrator has a solid expertise in designing information systems, taking into account the specific IT components.

Information security

In ensuring the information security, we cover the following aspects:
  • Creation and implementation of the management system of information security
  • Information security
  • Physical security
  • Security of software programs
  • Security of equipment
  • Security of procedures
  • Security of computing network
  • Security of telecommunications
  • Risks analysis.
Besides the above, we offer support in obtaining ISO 27001 certification.

Audit and consulting

Audit of the IT infrastructure represents a complex evaluation of how the infrastructure is designed and implemented in a company, but also of the measure, in which it corresponds to the company’s needs and supports the employees’ productivity. After a careful collecting of data, a simulation of critical scenarios is accomplished, the deficiencies and the high probably risks are analyzed and in final there are generated some sets of recommendations, reported to the customers’ possibilities to act.
Implementation of Solutions We offer professional services in order to successfully launch IT systems. The main phases include:
  • Early analysis (current system status, description of the proposed changes, exposure of recommendations)
  • Designing of an integrated information system (formulating the objectives, conceptualization, creation of terms of reference, setting the realization chart, transmitting the detailed technical project)
  • Realization (installing and configuring the system, establishing the exploitation rules, staff training, recommendations in order to optimize the internal processes)
  • Launch of pilot project (verification of conformity with the documentation, testing, fixing the errors)
  • Final launch, including monitoring.
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  • Customers
Diebold Nixdorf
FG Wilson
Moldova Agroindbank
Banca Comercială Română
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Centrul de Telecomunicaţii Speciale
Banca Socială
Casa Naţională de Asigurări Sociale
Teleradio Moldova
Curtea de Conturi
Primăria municipiului Chişinău
Compania Naţională de Asigurări în Medicină
Serviciul Vamal
Provision of equipment and technical support to 1000 libraries in all districts of Moldova
The audit of conformity of the Information Security Management System to the requirements of security criteria included in the international standard ISO/EIC 27001:2005
ATMeye.iQ for a commercial bank in Moldova