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The management of every company is facing issues regarding achieving competitive advantages, optimizing business processes and, respectively, increasing the value of its assets. Information technologies are an indispensable tool for business development. However, the selection of solutions and effective implementation requires deep industry knowledge and technological expertise. DAAC System Integrator has experience in projects from management audit of various IT areas to management of transition to new technologies.


Audit of IS and IT infrastructure Audit of Information Systems (IS) is the activity of collecting and evaluating proofs to determine whether the system is secure, maintains the integrity of processed and stored data, allows the achievement of strategic objectives of the company and uses effectively the information resources. During a system audit, the most common operations are the verifications, evaluations and testing of information means, and mainly:
  • Identification and assessment of risks in the system
  • Evaluation and testing of the management system
  • Verification and evaluation of information environment, management of information system, applications, network security, plans and procedures for data recovery, etc.
  • Testing data integrity.
Audit of IT infrastructure is a complex evaluation of how the IT infrastructure is designed and implemented in a company, but also the extent to which it meets the company’s needs and supports employee’s productivity. After thorough data collection, a simulation of critical scenarios is carried out, the gaps and the highly probable risks are assessed, and finally, several sets or recommendations related to the client opportunities are generated.
Design of Conceptual Architecture Based on the audit of the existing information systems, company specialists develope the concept of the future information system, which includes the following components:
  • The purpose and objectives of the system
  • Normative acts regulating the functioning of the system
  • Functional architecture
  • Technical architecture
  • Interrelationship with other existing internal and external systems
  • Preliminary assessment of system cost.
One of the most important functions of the concept is to determine the coverage limits of the future information system. This allows a real evaluation of the efforts needed for the accomplishment of the project still in the earliest stage of the project, and to exclude knowingly unachievable versions, thus increasing the likelihood of successful completion of the project.
Creation of Requirements Based on the concept of the information system, the companies’ specialists develop the terms of reference.

The terms of reference are a set of documents and specifications that determine the requirements to the information system and its functionality. To make the task more clearly for designers, who actually will create the information system, it is necessary to specify which information will be entered into the system, under which form, how should it be stored, and which documents (reports or financial documents) the system must generate. The terms of reference also determine the requirements to privacy, to protection level of information and many other „decorative” conditions, the system must meet. In drawing up the terms of reference professional those designers must be engaged, who primarily are deeply versed in all technical aspects and see all the possible „trappings” and, secondly, have special terminology and conceptual apparatus.
Project Management Our consulting services in the field of project management are based on an extensive experience and on the best global practices. In our practice, we focus primarily on the correct understanding of customer requirements. Management methodology is based on one of the best global standards in Project Management - PMBOK®, developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Planning and documentation are carried out in accordance with the national technical rules „lifecycle processes of software” RT 38370656 – 002:2006.

In our projects, we provide assistance to the customer project team in the following components:
  • Consulting on the composition and structure of the project team
  • Methodological assistance and consulting in organizing and managing projects
  • Methodological assistance and consulting in developing corporate project management standards
  • Selection, delivery and adjustment of software according to the customer assignments regarding project management
  • Education and training on the used methodology and software products.
Examples of projects implemented by us can be found in the section „Projects”.
Implementation Consulting Our gained experience and the wide range of delivered IT services allow us to consider all these aspects at the implementation of a project:
  • The choice of software – determining the selection criteria based on customer needs and requierements, reviewing existing solutions and assisting in the adoption of the final decision
  • Project management – providing technical assistance throughout the project life cycle, including planning, implementation, budgeting, reporting and analysis of possible risks
  • Business Analysis – analyze business requirements and user needs, transposition of requirments into functional specifications and close collaboration with the development team throughout the development cycle
  • Software testing – preparation and execution of test plans, checkout of developed software or its changes in accordance with the project requirements and end-user requirements
  • The implementation – ensuring the implementation of business processes on a new platform
  • Assistance during the implementation process – providing assistance and solution development.
Training and Certification Each project is accompanied by the client staff training, which is an important condition for correct exploitation of the information system and, respectively, of the project success. The training is performed without deviation from the main process of project launch and only in the frame of projects.    

In the professional life of every IT expert appears the necessity to confirm the knowledge not only through experience and abilities, but also through appropriate certification.  

Currently, the IT certification is not only an effective proof of knowledge, experience and competitiveness in the labor market, but also allows you to perform more efficiently and rapidly your job responsibilities.   
In order to carry out the official certification of competences (for example based on programs of Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.), we opened the Authorized Testing Center Pearson VUE and Prometric.  

To be acquainted with the complete list of available tests, and to register for the exam, you can access the following sites and . For detailed information on registration and certification procedures, please contact the administrator of the center by phone 0-22-509-774 or at the following e-mail address .

Attention: In order to be accepted at the certification exam, you have to present in the Testing Center two identification documents (one with photo and signature, second with signature).

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