Software Development

The modern software solutions represent a complex of integrated applications, both within the customer’s information system as well as in the external information services. Most software developed by our company is integrated with the state registers of Republic of Moldova and with information services provided by the Center of Electronic Governance.

Development and implementation of software solutions by our company is made in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 “software development and information system implementation”. The information security meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001/2005 “software development and information system implementation”. The development of projects to automate the activity of the state organizations and organs of public administration is performed according to the technical regulations “Lifecycle processes of the software products” RT 38370656 – 002:2006.


Registers At the current stage of development, the National Information Systems need to be integrated with the basic state information resources. This requirement is regulated by the national law and its fulfillment is monitored by the National Enterprise “The State Center of Information Resources Registru”.

As state basic information resources are considered:
  • State register of population
  • State register of legal entities
The departmental registers and specialized software solutions developed by DAAC System Integrator, all, in one way or another are related with basic information registers.

In the appropriate sections of our site you can find the information on completed projects and offered solutions.
Automation At some point, in every developing institution appears the need to automate the activity, which comes to resolve the problems of coordination and transparency. At the same time, the complexity of the offered software products is growing.

In such circumstances, to make the right choice is difficult. The solutions offered by us are based on experience in automating various tasks and understanding the need to ensure maximum integration with the surrounding information environment.

The partnerships with a number of global manufacturers allow choosing an optimal platform in order to realize projects of any complexity according to their specificity.
Integration The integration per se is a process of unification and common work of information systems and software applications. Integration tasks occur both when implementing new information systems and in the development of existing ones.

In the projects realized by us, we ensure the integration of various levels: from the integration of separate components of the integrated information system of the customer that represents functional modules, realized on different platforms, to integrating with external information systems and state information registers.
Licenses Our company is the supplier of a wide range of software products on the local market: operating systems, office applications, graphics packages, utilities, means of developing software products for calculations and scientific and technical modeling, etc. At the moment, we represent more than 200 global manufacturers.

Besides delivering more than 200.000 software products, we offer consulting support by choosing the necessary products, we give the possibility of a complex training for experts according to the selected platform and we provide the technical support.
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