Security Photo and video
  • Photo and Video record of transactions.
  • Photo and Video record generated by activation of sensors.
  • Video streaming in real time.
  • By request, images deliver from terminal in real time.
  • Support of up to 4 USB/ 4 analogue / 4 IP cameras.

Reaction sensors and of notification
  • Immediate notifications about the activation of sensors in real time (up to 4 sensors).
  • The possibility to connect all types of sensors (concussion, vibration, deviation, fog, temperature, etc.) and of anti-skimming equipment.
  • Notifications about the turning off of the camera or its disconnection.
  • Immediate notifications about threats in real time on mobile devices (Mobile ATMeye.iQ).

  • Graphic monitoring of actions of the whole equipment network in a single window.
  • Configurable notifications system of various actions.
  • Group of self-service equipment of banks (by branches, cities, regions, countries, etc.).
  • The possibility to see the connection status in the network of self-service equipment to server.
  • Ability to view the free space on the disk of the device.

Planning the tasks
  • Downloading on time of photo and video material from devices.
  • Archiving on time of downloaded photo and video material.
  • Setting the cameras according to the schedule (day mode/ night mode).
  • Remote management of the system.

Setting up remote cameras
  • Remote management of files (RFM.iQ).
  • Remote updating of the software and safe data transfer.

Other benefits
  • Forced capture or card return, placed on the black list of the bank with immediate notification to the operator.
  • Comfortable search of transactions by the card number, by action, by data, etc. among archived and non-archived data.
  • Managing user rights.
  • Compatibility with equipment of different manufacturers.
  • Complete integration with software of self-service equipment.
  • Generate different reports.
  • Masking the card number.