System for Identification and Traceability of Animals

  • Project description

  • Provided services

  • Applied technologies

The system ensures the identification and traceability of animals during the whole life. In the exploitation of the system about 200 operators throughout the country are involved. The system of identification and traceability of animals is implemented for the SE „Animal Register” and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. The system of identification and traceability of animals is divided in 2 parts:
  • The administration systems of database
SGBD Oracle 10g is used in order to build the central data warehouse and the technological central database. MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is used to build the internal web database – site (retention of settings and dynamic content).
  • Application servers
The server of industrial applications Oracle Application Express is used to build the unique object interface and application server of the subsystem of information processing.

The content administration server developed by DAAC System Integrator on the platform Microsoft .NET is used to build the administration subsystem and visualization of informational content web-site to the data systems.
The project included delivery services, installation, operative acceptance and technical support for the implemented information complex, including:
  • Specifications development;
  • Development of IS;
  • Adaptation of IS (customization and application development, components integration);
  • Creation of the Central Data Center (delivery, installation and maintenance);
  • Delivery and installation of hardware and network equipment in 196 territorial subdivisions;
  • Training of more than 250 persons, more than 1300 veterinaries;
  • Ensuring maintenance through Call-Center;
  • Informational support and technical support during three years after implementation (period 2008-2010);
  • Monitoring and reporting.
Linux, Oracle 10g DB Server for WEB – portal server – Microsoft Windows 2003 Web Edition; MS SQL Server 2005 Express Ed; Dell data processing systems.