Electronic service “E-Reporting”

  • Project description

  • Provided services

  • Applied technologies

The service E-reporting is a common platform for creation and transmission of electronic reports by private companies and organizations for various state agencies and public authorities.

Electronic service "E-Reporting" consists of the following components:
  • A centralized portal www.raportare.md which allows to the registered users through a personal "private office" to create and send electronic reports on behalf of various private companies and organizations to the recipients of the e-reporting service
  • The specialized electronic subsystems of state agencies and public authorities (recipients of electronic reporting), allowing them to design and publish electronic reports templates for users of the centralized portal, as well as to receive and to process electronic reports.
The high level of stability and safety for the operation of the entire system is provided due to the independence of technological components and business processes for processing electronic reports of Central Public Authorities connected to the system.
The project included delivery services, installation, operative acceptance and technical support for the implemented information complex, including:
  • Specifications development;
  • Development of IS;
  • Adaptation of IS (customization and application development, components integration);
  • Implementation of SII;
  • Training users and administrators;
  • Ensuring maintenance through Call-Center;
  • Informational support and technical support;
  • Monitoring and reporting.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle DB Server, Oracle Unbreakable Linux