AIS for Registry of Public Procurement

  • Project description

  • Provided services

  • Applied technologies

"Registry of Public Procurement" – SIA for administration of public procurement.

The system includes:
  • Information on public procurement;
  • Automation of regulating processes of public procurement;
  • Automation of interaction processes of the tendering parties;
  • Provision of reliable information on public procurement for public authorities, businesses and individuals.
The project included delivery services, installation, operative acceptance and technical support for the implemented information complex, including:
  • Specifications development;
  • Development of IS;
  • Adaptation of IS (customization and application development, components integration);
  • Delivery and installation of hardware and network equipment;
  • Installation of the Central Data Center;
  • Training users and administrators;
  • Informational support and technical support;
  • Monitoring and reporting.
Oracle DB Server, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, JBoss