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DAAC System Integrator offers integrated solutions for the creation and modernization of computerized corporate systems, using equipment from leading manufacturers. The offered products are characterized by an outstanding reliability, backed by a high standard service throughout the entire period of operation. We also perform full outsourcing of the office equipment, allowing the customer to eliminate the costs of maintaining a technical expert.


Computers Since the beginning, we focused on solutions that provide greater safety for our customers. As a result, we have promoted the using of business-class computers, which ensure superior data protection and high continuity of service. Nowadays, a high popularity represent laptops with docking stations that allow a much more comfortable use at the workplace, and All-in One computers. Our portfolio is based on DELL products, our company having exclusive rights to its business line in Moldova.
Thin clients The time of common workstations in the corporate environment comes to the end, because their use is often not justified in terms of economy, and the maintenance expenses are increasing. In modern IT infrastructure thin clients are becoming more popular, having an extended lifecycle and minimal administration costs.

DAAC System Integrator is the exclusive distributor in Moldova of DELL Wyse thin clients, global leader in this sector. The use of DELL Wyse in the terminal architecture allows obtaining a number of advantages, such as:
  • Simplicity and speed in implementation and management
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Mobility
  • Scalability
  • Increased tolerance to errors
  • Increased information security
  • Low power consumption.
High-speed Printers DAAC System Integrator offers exclusively on the Moldavian market high-speed printers of the brand Printronix, that are considered the most economical solution in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO). Printronix products are created on the base of linear matrix technology, which represents a number of obvious advantages to laser printers: increased printing speed, economy of electrical energy, lower cost of consumables, optimizing the use of paper, functioning in industrial conditions, flexibility. All together they have an operation cost on average three times lower than that of alternative solutions. The equipment is used for printing invoices, accounts, documents for delivery and transfer of goods, labeling, etc., being of a maximum utility in the industrial sector, logistics and banking, an in other cases where printing is an expensive accounting statement or an important business process.
Components Besides the above mentioned, we offer the whole range of IT solutions necessary for the customer’s office: multifunctional devices, monitors, docking stations, UPS, etc. The components are brand products and are technically supported in our technical center.
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