e-Reporting service, developed and implemented by DAAC System Integrator, was included in the best practices database of International Social Security Association (ISSA)

e-Reporting service, developed by DAAC System Integrator for the National Social Insurance House (NSIH), has been included in the database of best practices of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) during the European Regional Social Security Forum, held on April 18th in Stockholm.

e-Reporting service was mentioned within innovative solutions in the domain of best practices due to its contribution to promotion and implementation of electronic reporting– SIA „e-Reporting” Moreover, the service was included in the database of ISSA as one of the best practices in the field of social security.

Electronic reporting service, provided by Electronic Governance Center, was elaborated by DAAC System Integrator with support of USAID|BIZTAR project. The service was introduced for economic agents, who now have the opportunity to submit annual and quarterly reports via unique portal

Additionally, within USAID|BIZTAR project the service was complemented with 21 reports for the National Bureau of Statistics.