Check Point technologies ‘Threat Emulation’ and ‘SandBlast’ - represent the latest trend in the world of information security

DAAC System Integrator in collaboration with the global leader in the information security domain, Check Point, organized an annual conference “Information Security-2015”, which took place on September 16, 2015. More than 40 representatives of banks, commercial and state enterprises and telecommunication companies participated in the event.
Representatives from DAAC System Integrator, Check Point and the National Center for Personal Data Protection presented their reports on information security issues at the conference.
«Threat Emulation and SandBlast technologies, which we had presented at the conference, represent innovation in the world of information security. Over the course of such events, in fact, we are engaged in the educational process by providing information about the leading IT technologies. No one can ensure 100 percent data protection, yet we offer solutions that reduce data theft cases to the minimum level. Jointly with DAAC System Integrator we are ready to conduct audit of client’s IT systems in order to reveal the real state of company’s IT infrastructure and, consequently, to propose solutions to ensure information security. The audit is free of charge»- the regional representative of Check Point in Ukraine and Moldova, Alexandr Chubaruk, said.
Describing the operating principles of Check Point, Alexandr Chubaruk points out: “We are working on the active counteraction of registered attacks that are carried out to enter victim’s network for subsequent data theft. Our company offers efficient solutions that are able to prevent or eliminate network attacks at the early stage. Moreover, we provide information on who attempted to commit the attack, in which way and with the help of which technologies”.
Another speaker, a representative of the National Center for Personal Data Protection, indicated that education of ordinary PC users in Moldova about the need to protect personal data is the priority area in the field of information security. Summarizing his speech, the specialist formulated the main goal of companies providing information security: “The majority of users are familiar in which case personal data can become available in the Internet and one of the main tasks of the companies dealing with information security is to convey to the greatest number of people all possible ways of personal data blocking and withdrawal in case of its leakage and prevention techniques to avoid data theft attempts”.