DAAC System Integrator and Glory Global Solutions automate Moldovan banking system

On 25th of November DAAC System Integrator jointly with Glory Global Solutions organized the conference, where payment processing equipment was presented. The conference was attended by the representatives of Moldovan commercial banks, the National Bank of Moldova, by delegates from Glory Global Solutions and by all interested experts that saw relevance and importance of automated cash handling. Equipment presented at the conference has been already adjusted for Moldovan market, which allowed performing demonstration of its work with Moldovan currency. Having an extensive experience and a wide product range DAAC System Integrator in partnership with Glory Global Solutions offer a new level of automation of cash settlement and sorting operations.  

Glory Global Solutions equipment is suitable for banking business, retailing and other businesses that require frequent recalculation and sorting of large amounts of cash. Glory Global Solutions equipment gained high customer reputation and is considered an absolute global leader. High reliability of equipment, operations integrity and high level of technical support allow clients boosting labor productivity and at the same time, decreasing operating costs.

Head of Russian branch of Glory Global Solutions, Mikhail Gorfunkel, who participated in the conference highlighted the importance of cash handling automation. “We presented a range of Glory Global Solutions banking equipment for cash processing in Moldovan banks. Glory Global Solutions is the largest world’s manufacturer of cash registers. It is a Japanese company that has a 70% market share in Japan. The company is widely represented across all the countries worldwide, i.e. everywhere, where cash is in circulation”, told Mikhail Gorfunkel. Mr. Gorfunkel expressed hope that technologies suggested by Glory Global Solutions would be demanded in Moldova’s market.

CEO of DAAC System Integrator, Serghei Ghincu, noted that the company started to work in the field of technologies and solutions for self-service banking systems since 2003. “Self-service banking systems imply ATMs, payment terminals, cash management software. At the moment, DAAC System Integrator is the largest service company in Moldova providing services to extensive park of ATMs manufactured by Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold and NCR”, pointed the CEO.

According to Mr. Ghincu, Moldova is on the same way in terms of use of automated cash management systems as European countries. “For this reason, hardware and software that in the banks, cash offices and retail fully undertake such functions as cash possession, management and control are highly relevant now”, Mr. Ghincu highlighted.  

Glory Global Solutions Corporation was founded in 1918 in Himeji, Japan. The company develops and produces payment processing equipment since 1950 and is a global leader in this field.

DAAC System Integrator, being the largest integrator of different solutions in Moldova, offers professional services and equipment of leading manufacturers to banks, financial institutions and other organizations. Offered products are characterized by high reliability and are provided with high-level support during all the operation period. DAAC System Integrator provides a full outsourcing of equipment, thus enabling client to eliminate costs related to maintenance of its own technical expert.