DAAC System Integrator has obtained Candidate status 1С: ERP Center

"Candidate for 1C: ERP Center" – Partner of the company "1C", holding the "1C" status: Candidate for the ERP-solutions Competence Center of the company "1C". The given status indicates that the partner possesses core competencies related to the ERP-solutions of the company "1C" (experts in the 1C platform: Enterprise 8, professionals in the field of ERP-solutions and experienced in implementing software products on the platform 1C: Enterprise 8) and responsible for the development of competencies up to the status "1С: ERP Center". The Partner with the status "1С: Candidate for the ERP Center" is entitled to perform single and regular sales of the ERP-solutions to the customers of the "1С" company taking into account the availability of experience in successfully implementing previously acquired sets.