Information Security in Moldova. Protection of information.

International conference «Cybersecurity in Moldova: Challenges, trends and solutions»

On 15 October 2014 in Chisinau was held the international conference «Cybersecurity in Moldova: Challenges, trends and solutions». The second international conference on “cybersecurity” brought together experts in the field of information security, local experts in IT sector, representatives of public and private sector.

In the era of technical globalization, cyberspace falls into the category of unique phenomena of modern society. There are no boundaries, only increased speed and anonymity. We must not, however, overlook the fact that the web accessibility not only offers unlimited possibilities, but there is also a risk to become a victim of qualified experts named hackers. Today, cybercriminals are a real threat for the entire world.

DAAC System Integrator, represented by the Information Security Engineer Andrei Sorochin, shared its experience in web application security for the public sector.

Web applications security

Report on the topic «Web application security in public information systems» exposed the problem and the main trends of the safe development and exploitation of information systems that run on web technologies in the public sector. There were analyzed the causes of web applications vulnerabilities, identified by the experts of DAAC System Integrator by ensuring protection of information to the given systems in the process of execution of projects in collaboration with public organizations. The interested parties were given practical recommendations that allow increasing the level of information security of public information systems by improving organizational processes related to their safe development and exploitation.  

Penetration testing

The second report «Penetration test: failures exposure» eliminated some misconceptions, related to the use of preventive measures of information protection based on penetration test. The public was presented a generalized analytical review of the results of assessing the level of security of information infrastructure of organizations, resulted from investigation of network perimeter by the experts of DAAC System Integrator in the current year. Besides, there were presented real examples of testing results, as well information related to the particularities of the implemented approach in penetration testing.   
«We hope that the experience of DAAC System Integrator in the given field will help enhance the effectiveness of The National Concept of Cybersecurity, which is now under development» said Andrei Sorochin, thus ending his presentation.