Information security during pandemiс

Information security during pandemiс
This spring brought some changes into all areas of our life. In organizations from various sectors of the national economy, the question of employees protection from the COVID-19 virus and at the same time preservation the ability to perform their work duties appeared . For many employers the solution of this problem became the provision of personnel remote work. During pandemia period the topic of advanced information technologies and information security tools unique synergy became the most demanded and decisive topic.
Specialists of DAAC System Integrator, in close partnership with world technological leaders in the field of information technology, proposed special anti-crisis measures for IT infrastructure of enterprises in Moldova during this period. As a part of these measures, our company successfully integrated information security systems that facilitate the rapid recovery of work processes. The offered complex of information security means includes two-factor authentication systems, protection of communication channels, operational protection of end devices, platforms for any web conferences and information exchange, etc.
These solutions belong to a new generation of information security solutions. They helped to optimize the activities of information security specialists in a situation of attackers high activity. Experts were able to carry out correct automatic analysis, preventive blocking of threats and centralized management while performing routine operations.
During the quarantine period, most organizations successfully adapted their IT and information security infrastructure for the remote work. Today, it is important to analyze the path passed and learn the right lessons. It is necessary to make appropriate adjustments to the organization's business continuity plans, which include, among other things, a scenario for the staff safe return of to their work in the office. DAAC System Integrator specialists are ready to provide their clients with the necessary methodological and technical support in this questions in accordance with the specifics of the chosen format for organizations’ activities continuity.