DAAC System Integrator, together with its partners, brings innovative solutions on the Moldovan market

On 2nd of April 2015, at the ethno-cultural complex “Vatra”, took place the conference “Solutions for the business of the future: the future begins today”, at which DAAC System Integrator, together with its partners DELL, APC and OKI, came with new technologies for its customers.  

“It’s a very important event for our company, our customers and our partners, whom we tell about our new technologies that we bring on the market. At the conference are present the representatives of DELL, with whom we collaborate more than 20 years, since the creation of our company,  of APC – that produces electric solar energy, also, the partners from OKI are here. Their presence at this event is important for us and for our market, but also for our customers, coming from different economic sectors: representatives form public sector, from commercial banks, National Bank of Moldova, commercial organizations, telecommunication companies of Moldova. In spite of the crisis, we strive to bring in light news from IT sector, from technology, we strive to keep our customers informed and to realize new projects together with them”, announced the commercial director of DAAC System Integrator, Vitalii Solomaha.

During the whole conference, the partners of DAAC System Integrator presented their technologies of latest generation. The partners from DELL informed their customers about the new achievements in manufacturing the servers, the system of preservation of data and other innovative technologies. The partners from APC brought to the participants at the event new methods of gaining solar electricity, products of security of energy supply, as well as triphase sources of uninterruptible supply (UPS). The OKI representatives spoke about monochrome, color and mate printers for printing in offices, as well as for specialized closed areas, such as operative printing, printing for typographies, but also for printers used in medicine.       
„The majority of our partners tell us how, thanks to our technologies, the customers can develop their infrastructure, to save money, to reduce the expenses, what it’s very actual this year, during the crisis”, mentioned Vitalii Solomaha.

Apart from the informative program offered at the conference, the participants enjoyed the cultural program in medieval style. The archery league ”TEVTAR” held a fashion show and a master-class on medieval dances, a master-class and a competition in archery. Historical clubs ”Sword of Moldova” and ”London” held demonstrations of fighting with swords and armor. The Association of stuntmen held a master-class and a competition on throwing knives. The conference ended with a gala dinner, accompanied by the music of Kaiser Band.