DAAC System Integrator presents opportunities to enhance Cyber Security Systems in the private sector

At an event organized by the European Business Association, representatives of the Center of Information Security, a DAAC System Integrator department, presented opportunities to enhance Cyber Security Systems in the private sector.

Andrei Sorochin, Head of Information Security Department, CISA, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, CCNA, and Constantin Vacarenco, Specialist at Information Security Department, Data Protection Officer, shared with the public their view on basic principles of the digital maintenance.

Subjects discussed:
1.            Global direction of the cyber attacks
2.            Current methods of user authentication
3.            Phishing and social engineering
4.            Modern model of the information security system for organizations
5.            Current methods to prevent data leakage
After the seminar, our colleagues remained open to discuss concrete cases of prevention and monitoring of cyber threats, how to assess correctly the security level of the IT infrastructure, and methods of identification of existing vulnerabilities and repeated attacks.

Our participation at this event represents one of the multiple steps taken by our Center of Information Security in order to increase the awareness on cyberattacks and information leakage.