DAAC System Integrator turns 20 years

On 1st of June 2015, the DAAC System Integrator Company has turned 20 years of experience in the field of Informational Technology Services. During this period, the company passed from IT distributor state to IT integrator and afterwards in local producer of IT services and software, meanwhile keeping a leadership position in this area each year.

Considerable investments for professionalism promotion together with the fair play principle in business ensured decennial collaborations with the majority of customers, which are important structures from the public and commercial sector and international organizations.  

Today, DAAC System Integrator consists of 160 notable partners, it owns a certified management and informational security quality and it’s implementing new projects according to global standards.  Furthermore, the company holds the highest positions in Moldova from worldwide notorious producers.
On this occasion, DAAC System Integrator is expressing its deepest gratitude to all the team members (partners, customers and suppliers) which brought and ensured a leadership position.