DAAC System Integrator and Cisco organized intellectual game “Security games 2017”

On March 30, 2017 more than 20 IT specialists from leading Moldovan companies tested their knowledge in information security field participating in business game “Security games 2017”. Intellectual competition took place under supervision of jury, audience and filming group.

The format of the event implied active participation of two teams, jury and audience. The teams had to analyze four cases on prevention of data leakage attacks and to provide answers on 10 questions. One of the teams represented an Internet provider, and the other - financial institution.
The jury evaluated the responses of the teams voting after each round for the best answer. The jury was composed of two independent experts- Vladimir Ilibman, information security manager at Cisco and Serghei Uzun, information security officer at Moldcell.

It is worth mentioning that the audience has also actively participated in the game, playing role of the third member of jury. Thus, the audience could ask follow-up questions, vote for the most appropriate answer, comment the answers of the teams and propose their own answers. In the first part of the game the team, which represented an Internet provider had outpaced the second team with a score 4:2; yet, in the second part of the game the team that represented financial institution managed to even the score and later to win with a final score of 6:4.

After the game, Andrei Sorokin, information security officer at DAAC System Integrator, summarized the results of the game and presented the main points that had to be included in the answers of the teams. In conclusion, Vladimir Ilibman presented modern solutions from Cisco for preventing threats to information security.

Summing up the results of “Security Games” the speakers marked the importance of organization of educational events on information security in the format of game because this format facilitates the search of out-of-the-box solutions, allows to play the role of another organization and enables exchange of experience.