DAAC System Integrator is ready to implement projects based on platform 1C:ERP

DAAC System Integrator presented to its customers the new platform 1C:ERP. The company representatives related about the necessary steps in order to pass from separate applications destined for automation of some evidence objects (accountability, HR evidence, commercial and production operations) to a unique integrated platform of ERP class, report

“In the country we notice a dynamic development of the market. The success of a company is determined by the quality of the information and by the speed of decision taking. In their activity, companies often have to tackle with problems that need operative solutions in order to further provide efficient development and to preserve the competitiveness. In order to solve these problems of business automation, companies must be in step with modern technologies and such a solution is the platform 1C:ERP”, mentioned the expert from PricewaterhouseCoopers Moldova Bogdan Gheorghiţă.

The Chief of Software Projects from DAAC System Integrator, Ivan Sîrbu, explained that the platform was presented, first, in order to draw the attention on this product from managers of production companies interested in enhancing and optimizing management processes within the company.

The implementation project of the integrated ERP system, which unifies all the evidence modules based on a single platform, is a complex project and often it is related to essential changes of business processes within the company and in some cases to changes in the organizational structure. Currently, DAAC System Integrator has the task to inform and consult the companies in order to implement the platform of class ERP, taking into account the strategic goals, the current situation and their possibilities.

“The main advantage of this platform is that, unlike similar western systems, our version is more comfortable and understandable for our customers. This product has been developed taking into account our mentality and meet those requirements, which are set by the managers”, mentioned the Chief of the Consulting Department of DAAC System Integrator, Oleg Goriuc.