On September 22, DAAC System Integrator together with partners Cisco and Elcore Moldova held an online conference on current CISCO solutions.

Security is a strategic priority for Cisco company. They design all devices taking into account the latest network security technologies.

Head of Enterprise Networks Yuri Dovgan spoke about a new solution for securely connecting any user to any location or cloud on any platform with ensuring uninterrupted operation.
The presented intelligent software solution Cisco SD-WAN is based on the cloud architecture and is intended for customers who need a distributed network with a single control center and the ability to deploy hybrid networks with different access technologies.
One of the advantages of this solution is the fact that the administrator, being in one place, can:

• configure the network equipment;
• manage security policies and protocols;
• analyze traffic in real time.

Cisco SD-WAN is designed for organizations with large geographic areas with remote offices and branch offices.

The next speaker, Sofya Strunskaya, Cisco Meraki systems engineer in the RCIS region, presented an overview of solutions based on Cisco Meraki.
Cisco Meraki is the industry's largest cloud access service. It supports thousands of networks around the world and connects millions of devices. Over the years, the Meraki project has accumulated experience in working with cloud technologies, having earned the trust of thousands of IT professionals around the world.
Cisco Meraki Access Points are equipped with high-power antennas as well as separate radio modules for security, such as:

- continuous scanning and protection of the network against security threats
- frequency analysis and detection of surrounding signal obstacles
- automatic tuning of used frequencies to maximize performance

You can focus on running your business by letting Cisco Meraki take care of your network. Wireless networks built with Cisco Meraki are reliable, scalable, and safe.

The final episode of the event was a tasting of cheeses from the Istorii cu Cascaval store, accompanied by an interesting and informative story of the store sommelier Maria Blindu. The guests had the opportunity not only to learn about the existence, but also personally taste several types of cheese with unusual taste notes.

DAAC System Integrator is grateful to partners for informational support and to conference guests for their interest in the event.