Banking conference in Moldova “Solutions for the banks of the future”

13 of November, in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, took place the annual conference “Solutions for the banks of the future”. The Joint-stock company “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2), “IdealInvent”, DAAC System Integrator – the largest IT company in Moldova and “Wincor Nixdorf” – one of the world leader in the production of banking equipment, invited representatives of the largest banks of the country to attend the conference.      

According to the regional director of BS/2, Nicolae Zalesciuc, the Moldovan market is growing fast, so that advanced technological solutions enjoy a high demand and are particularly promising. “Banks wishing to consolidate their positions – both on the domestic market as well as international markets, are interested in new technologies and implement them actively in their business. This allows banks to operate more efficiently, to increase the income and to develop a successful business”, - mentioned N. Zalesciuc.   

Among the topics discussed at the conference were self-service devices and their capabilities. Representatives of banks were given the possibility to familiarize themselves with solutions of the company BS/2 “Payments.iQ”. This software solution allows the extension of functions of the self-service terminals and specifically enables the ATM users, in addition to standard functions for issuing and receiving cash, to pay the invoices or purchase electronic services. In 2013, Wincor Nixdorf recognized the solution “Payments.iQ” as the best banking software solution.          
Special attention at the conference was given to the security of self-service equipment. Because of infractions associated with ATMs, banks bear huge losses, so the interest in protection measures increases. BS/2 presented to the participants at the event the solution “ATMeye.iQ”. The solution is a modern video surveillance system that provides remote monitoring of self-service equipment in real time and significantly reduces the risk of fraud and vandalism.  

“Third year in a row, we are organizing a joint conference, which becomes an important event in the calendar of Moldovan Banks. It was very gratifying to see representatives of all banks this year. We hope that such technology conferences will be more useful in the future”, announced Darius Simancicius, Chief Business Development Officer at IdealInvent.

Thanks to the conference, bankers were able to convince themselves once again that the bank today is unthinkable without new technologies, which not only facilitate the daily work processes, but also help to ensure the availability and reliability of services.