Mobile Applications

According to the global statistics, in 2013 more tablets and smartphones were sold than the sum of all computers sold during the last 10 years. Also, currently in the world there are more smartphones than ordinary phones. These trends are constantly evolving, and already today, most business tasks can be solved using mobile applications.

Possessing extensive experience in developing and implementing various information systems, great importance came to the direction of mobile applications. We implement solutions that will enhance the mobility and efficiency of your employees, and will facilitate the information for your customers.


Application Development In our portfolio we have solutions of diverse complexity: starting with standard products that require minor adaptations, to extensions of complex information systems and individual-specific developments. We possess development skills on Android and iOS platforms, we have the necessary expertise in certificating the solutions and we offer support for an effective promotion of the developed application.
Back-End Development Application development itself is a relatively simple process, being a small part of the whole work on the functionality of the solution. Having over 10 years of experience in developing information systems of public importance and for major commercial organizations, we propose reliable technologies to fully integrate the mobile applications with software programs that process the respective information. The existence of a unique team that works on the project from the beginning until the end, with the involvement of consultants from the sphere of hardware technologies, offers the possibility to optimize the final result.
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