Information Security

DAAC System Integrator is a company focused on promoting secured information technologies, governed by the following principles:
  • Complexity of providing information security and of building information systems, ensuring a high level of productivity and security
  • Effective integration of specialized protection means with network equipment and telecommunication
  • Compromise between reliability and compatibility of security systems
  • Compliance with national and international standards
  • Professionalism, based on knowledge and experience.


Protection of the corporate network perimeter The IT infrastructure of modern companies represents a variety of network technologies and equipment, system software and applications, which may contain a number of vulnerabilities, the exploitation of which could conduct to an unauthorized access or may compromise the information. Considering the extent of the emergence of new vulnerabilities and of the changes in the telecommunication infrastructure, the results of an audit of the corporate network protection level lose quickly on actuality. Changing the structure of the network perimeter, modifying the settings of the server, network equipment and means of protection, all require a thorough analysis regarding the influence on the resistance to external unauthorized impact.

In this respect, DAAC System Integrator offers services, directed to the continuously monitoring of the information security status. This includes:
  • Monitoring corporate network perimeter security
  • Design and implementation of the management system of security level.
These services are directed to obtain an objective image of the existent vulnerable places in the information systems, to develop a list of protection measures and to monitor the vulnerable places, as well as to remove them quickly.

The implementation of these services allows:
  • To enhance the business resistance to threats of information security, achieved through external networks
  • The safe and effective use of modern technologies to achieve the company goals by choosing the optimal network equipment for the perimeter protection
  • To ensure the secure functioning of the employees who are located outside of the company.
Protection of workstations Currently, in the world there are more than 1 million computer viruses. Because of the wide spread of viruses and other malware programs, there are more options in the field of anti-virus software.

The anti-virus programs turned quickly into a big business and the first commercial anti-virus appeared on the market at the late 1980s. Today you can find a variety of programs to protect your computer, both paid as well as free.

DAAC System Integrator offers the most recommended solutions on the market to protect the workstations, from the worldwide leader in information security – the company Symantec, which includes a wide functionality: antivirus, anti-spam, anti-bot, encryption, IPS, firewall, technologies rejecting “zero day” attacks, heuristic analysis, centralized management and others.
Backup Companies spend 70% of their budget for the maintenance of existing infrastructures, leaving for development only 30%. At the same time, the volume and the role of information in modern businesses is continuously growing. According to analytical reports, about 60% of companies that have lost important business data will cease to exist within half a year, in case they will be not able to recover them.

DAAC System Integrator experts are ready to offer effective tools that help to save and to recover data in case of loss, based on the solutions from worldwide leaders in this field.
Data Leak Prevention (DLP) The technologies that allow the leakage prevention of confidential information gained a particular actuality. Last years, extensive terminology has been used: Information Leakage Protection (ILP), Information Leak Protection (ILP), Information Leakage Detection & Prevention (ILDP), Content Monitoring and Filtering (CMF), Extrusion Prevention Systems (EPS) and others. But, as term of reference is considered to be the term Data Leak Prevention (DLP proposed by the Forrester Agency in 2005). So, as intern threats are considered the intended and unintended abuses of access rights to employees’ data.

The creation of these systems solves the task of preventing leakage of confidential information on the main channels for data transmission:
  • Web traffic (HTTP, FTP, P2P and others)
  • E-mail
  • Instant messaging systems
  • Local and network printing
  • Input-output ports (CD-ROM, USB device, infrared ports, of printing (LPT) and of modem (COM))

On the market there are quite many products that allow detection and prevention of confidential information leakage on certain channels. Nonetheless, integrated solutions that would cover all the existing channels are much less. In these circumstances, the choice of concrete technology, that ensures protection of confidential information leakage with maximum efficiency and minimum number of false alarms, becomes extremely important.
Management of mobile devices Despite the fact that the transformation of mobile phones into computers began earlier, the sudden change during the last two years has been a surprise for many people. The mobile devices are attractive and offer to corporate users a comfortable medium for training, for accomplishing the transactions, for teamwork and presentation, so that companies are ready to radically change its mode of operation, in order to justify their use. The transformation in the mobile field opens new possibilities for your company. The employees are satisfied and operate more effective, when they have mobile access to the e-mail, applications and to data from tablets and smartphones. The companies operating with solutions for mobile work style achieve competitive advantages and stimulate the growth of sales revenues.

However, almost every analytical research shows that the main barrier to enterprise mobility and to the use of employees’ own devices (BYOD) is ensuring a proper level of security.

DAAC System Integrator experts offer analysis, choice of technologies and solutions according to client requirements, and guarantee the safety of employees’ data on any kind of mobile devices.
The audit of information security The main components of a complex audit are:
  • The organizational structure of the information security management system (ISMS)
  • The management processes of the information security
  • The organizational documents regarding the information security
  • Network infrastructure (LAN/WAN)
  • Software and application systems (operating systems, DBMS)
  • Specialized means to protect the information.
An independent, objective and comprehensive assessment of the current situation in the sphere of information security will allow the customer:
  • To create a program for long-term measures for the development of protection systems and for budget estimations for modernization
  • To focus on protecting the most important resources for business, based on critical vulnerabilities and current threats to the information systems
  • To accomplish an objective, qualitative and quantitative assessment of the information security in the company
  • To see the real state of the IT infrastructure security
  • To determine the level of the capabilities of the used information systems to control the internal and external threats.
A logical step after accomplishing the complex audit of information security is requesting monitoring services to protect the corporate network perimeter and to create and implement the information security management system.

Also, DAAC System Integrator provides services of technological, socio-technical and complex penetration tests.
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