Business Intelligence

Today, most of us understand that business analytics is necessary for a successful business. Moreover, the reports are not needed tomorrow or in a week, but right now. Having the necessary information and in real time, you can quickly adjust the situation and avoid losses in profits.

The DAAC System Integrator team performs professional BI services applied to Moldova and solves the whole range of tasks that arise when working with data, freeing your specialists from the inevitable routine as much as possible, therefore reducing the cost of analytical work.


BI Services and Projects How do we support Customers in solving their problems?
1. We create the basis for data management:
  • Preparing the data for analysis.
  • Developing understandable and necessary dashboards.
  • Optimizing work with data.
 2. Turnkey solutions:
  • Carrying out the project from the beginning to the end - from data collection to the final interactive reports.
  • Data collection, processing and preparation for analysis.
  • Connection to the necessary data sources (1C, Excel, databases, etc.)
  • Data control panels (dashboards).
3. We provide trainings:
  • With our solutions you can and should work independently. Therefore, we train our customers.
  • We conduct workshops, as well as corporate training on your data.
 4. Helping you get started with Tableau:
  • We will help you choose the solution for your company.
  • We will help to implement and configure Tableau, as well as provide technical support.
Tableau Products To solve the problems of visualization and analysis of large and various data, DAAC System Integrator uses a series of software products from Tableau, the world leader in the field of BI-solutions.
Key benefits:

Versatility: Tableau allows you to connect to any data source, including files, relational DBMSs, analytic cubes, and cloud sources such as Google BigQuery. Now you have the opportunity to generate informed and accurate reports for various purposes, regardless of the complexity of analytical tasks. The user can be both an analyst and a top manager of the company, interested in obtaining reliable information for making management decisions.
Flexibility: You get a constructor for creating individual reports and visualizations. Any amount of data will be organized in accordance with the specific needs of the company and will take a convenient form. You can connect to data and build reports yourself, without the help of IT specialists.
Speed: Not just fast, but extremely fast. It is possible to spend 30-100 times less time on systematization and visual analytics of data compared to using other products.
Convenience: Tableau offers the user the most understandable interface, flexibility in solving complex issues, the ability to beautifully and clearly visualize data at different stages of working with them.
Tableau products are designed for:
  • Analysts (including marketers, economists, product managers): A multifunctional, convenient and reliable tool for data visualization and analysis.
  • Executives: An effective tool for operational management, as well as the search and visualization of strategic decisions.
  • Developers and administrators: Processing, structuring and preparation for the future use of large volumes of data.
  • Partners
  • Customers
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