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DAAC System Integrator offers equipment and professional services to banks, financial institutions and other organizations that execute projects relating to payment information systems. Also, we offer specialized banking software. Currently, the company covers a significant part of the Moldovan market for systems of banking self-service, delivering more than 500 ATMs to most banks in Moldova.

All solutions are based on products offered by the world’s best known manufacturers.


ATMs, Cash-in, Recycling, Intelligent Safes We offer mono- and multifunctional ATMs, manufactured by the company Diebold Nixdorf, as well as self-service equipment with the option to receive cash and recycling equipment. The range of self-service equipment CINEO is intended for banks and companies specialized on retail. This is a new-generation safe and comfortable equipment intended for the management of cash flows, being characterized by short processing time of transactions and by using the newest banknote recognition technologies. ProCash represents the range of equipment for use in banks, at cash counters, money exchange offices and other organizations that have high requirements to the counting and to banknotes verification.

DAAC System Integrator is the first company in Moldova that implemented a Cash-in project.

We also offer automated safes for independent cash collection, documents keeping and other goods.
Security DAAC System Integrator provides financial institutions and commercial enterprises complex solutions for the security of branches, self-service equipment and transactional data. Full compliance with security standards PCI/DSS. The solutions satisfy the following requirements:
  • Ensuring the security level of branches by preventing the vandalism and piracy
  • Reducing the service costs
  • Remote control, in real time, of security systems
  • Management of customer complaints and requirements.
The portfolio of provided solutions contains products from Diebold Nixdorf, BS2, Symantec, Safenet, TPSecure, Checkpoint, and others.

Noteworthy is the product ATMeye.iQ of the company BS2 – leader in providing security for ATMs and self-service terminals of any type and manufacturer. Different versions of the product are used in securing more than 1/3 of ATMs in the country.

ATMeye.iQ is an integrated software solution that provides security and protection for self-service equipment. The system performs, in a 24 hour regime, remote monitoring of all actions in the perimeter of self-service equipment, thus reducing the risk associated with fraud and vandalism. It also helps to resolve disputes with customers. The solution enables the deployment of monitoring and preventing suspicious activities in real time, including (details here):
  • Disputes with customers
  • Fraud (skimming)
  • Vandalism
  • Attacks using explosives, gas, etc.
  • Other illegal or suspect activities.
Another product, PC/E Terminal Security Intrusion Protection 2.0, protects the system and the self-service network form attacks by malicious software and guarantees protection against unauthorized changes of configuration parameters. The solution works on white lists and provides access only for known mentioned elements, thus achieving a safe protection against other unknown threats. Unlike traditional software to safeguard security, PC/E Terminal Security identifies anomalies in the functioning of applications and promptly takes the necessary protective measures. The product does not require regular updates, which often involve additional costs to the company. Also, the given solution differs by a simple process of setting and it is suitable for protection of POS terminals. It will appear on the market as a part of the complex intrusion warning system Critical System Protection for Windows 7, developed by Symantec.
Internet- and Mobile banking The diversification of online payment possibilities and the growing popularity of bank cards conducted to a revolution in the field of services. A significant development we notice in the banking sector that profits from the possibilities offered by the banking technologies. The possibility of accessing the services offered by banks in any place and at any time became a necessity for customers.

The solution Multichannel DirectBanking, offered by DAAC System Integrator and its partner, IdealInvent, represents an effective modality to satisfy these necessities. The user can operate with all the banking products from computer, smartphone or tablet. The implementation of Multichannel DirectBanking significantly lowers the costs per transaction. The system can automatically serve, without the implication of bank employees, tens of thousands of users simultaneously. The solution is destined for both individual and legal entities. The solution enables the managers to control the finance, to approve the transfers, prepared by the accounting department including through applications iOS and Android.

A detailed description can be accesses on the following links: ConnectCore™ - Direct bank online, ConnectCore™ - Direct bank app.
Optimization and Management There exists a multitude of tools for optimization and management of processes in the banking sector. A great popularity gained the following solutions: Payments.iQ and ProView.

Payments.iQ is a software for payment applications of terminals network that collects the payments of the final users for different types of operations from self-service terminals: utilities, payments and transfers, as well as loan liquidation using bank cards and cash money.

ProView is used for monitoring and for the IT service-management of self-service systems. ProView meets a multitude of different functions, including administration, monitoring and management of equipment networks for self-service, thus ensuring maximum promptitude and productivity. ProView monitoring solutions can be easily integrated with video security solution – ATMeye.iQ.
Maintenance DAAC System Integrator is the only company authorized by Diebold Nixdorf in the Republic of Moldova, with the exclusive right to deliver and to maintain the equipment. Our specialists have exclusively access to informative materials that are related to maintenance, modernization and updating the equipment of Wincor-Nixdorf, as well as to software products needed for these works. Besides, we have the necessary competences for maintain the ATMs NCR and Diebold, covering thus all requirements from respective market in Moldova.

The list of maintenance services for ATMs includes:
  • Installing of ATMs
  • Launch of ATMs under operation, with the configuration of software products
  • The maintenance of ATMs
  • Removing the troubleshooting of ATMs based on warranty and post-warranty
  • Delivering the spare parts
  • Installing the additional equipment (modules).

Currently, DAAC System Integrator services around 650 ATMs throughout the country, including the first series of CINEO ATMs.

The company has invested over the years in order to increase the qualification, which has enabled us to provide the highest level of service (Service Level Agreement - SLA) in Moldova. Thus, our customers can benefit from guaranteed reaction time up to 1 hour and guaranteed time for restoring up to 4 hours. Also, for the comfort of our customers, we offer service 24 of 24. The level of our services is confirmed by the statistics of network availability of served ATMs, which reaches a 98,5% result for a year.
Banknote processing DAAC System Integrator offers a wide range of currency counting and sorting machines produced by Glory Global Solutions.

Glory counting and sorting equipment is especially useful for financial institutions, currency exchange counters, supermarket chains, i.e. organizations that process large amounts of cash.

Glory counting and sorting machines are noticeable for their accuracy in detection of fake notes as well as for quality sorting and for detection of unfit banknotes, regardless of the number of times the banknotes have been processed by the machine.

Glory equipment meets the following specifications:
•    Counting, authentification and sorting of banknotes based on different criteria
•    Scanning of both, front and back side of a banknote, which allows precise authentification of a banknote
•    Processing of MDL, EUR, USD, RUR, UAH, CHF, GBP and other currencies.

Glory LTD, headquartered in Himeji, Japan, is a leader in development of money handling equipment. Due to its innovative technologies and constant development of personnel, Glory, since its formation in 1918, provides efficient solutions to clients all over the world.
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