Apple service DAAC System Integrator – is the exclusive authorized service center for Apple devices in Moldova. The warranty repair of Apple equipment, namely iMac, MacBook, iPad, is performed independently of the location where the equipment was purchased (in case if the equipment was not sold with the limited warranty in the regions). The warranty service of iPhone equipment is only applied to the phones that were purchased in Moldova from the official resellers, which are Moldcell, Bomba, Alina Electronics, MCS (according to the rules established by Apple). Qualified specialists of our company have passed the necessary training and certification to provide maintenance, repair and setting services of Apple equipment.


Diagnostic of all types of equipment during warranty is done for free. We apply diagnostic methods and software developed by the manufacturer. Preliminary diagnostic is realized on-line on Apple website using special software.


If the results of preliminary diagnostic are not obvious, we perform deeper diagnostic before the repair, the results of which could be found within a working day after handing the device.
Then the repair will be performed or the necessary spare parts will be ordered. The repair is performed only by certified specialists in premises, equipped in accordance with Apple standards.


After the repair, we always perform a control test; it allows us to ensure that the failure has been removed.


In case when preventive maintenance is required, the Client would be offered this service, which includes cleaning of the cooling system, replace of thermal paste and other necessary procedures.


Warranty repair is performed if devices have defects, which are not related to the violation of the requirements of device use, imposed by Apple.

The average repair time is 2 working days. In case if it is necessary to order some spare parts, the repair of the device will take approximately two weeks.

Remember: if your device has traces of unauthorized repair or opening, repair status could be changed, and in case of such devices as iPod, iPad, iPhone and TimeCapsule the replacement of device would be impossible.

You can verify the status of your device, accessing the following link:

If you have any questions regarding your equipment, you can always contact an operator on the hot-line +373 (0) 22 509 777.