Andrei Prokopishin, Technical Director Immediately after graduating from high school in the mid- 90s, I started to work. My work consisted of simply placing the information in a database. Also in that period of time in the neighborhood worked the IT staff of the company DAAC Hermes. Often I witnessed discussions about development perspectives and about technologies that were too advanced for me at that time. About those issues were talking young people, not much older than me, but their ideas provoked admiration and disbelief at the same time. In the years that followed, I intensively absorbed knowledge in the sector of information technologies, primarily by using the unprofessional network fidonet. Then came the moment when I realized that my training meets the requirements of an engineer advertisement at DAAC Hermes. I passed the interview and…I immersed in a new world of vigorous activity, constant changes, of realization of the ideas once heard.

I started my activity as an Engineer and soon I was appointed Head of Service Department. Initially, my area of responsibility included the technical maintenance of computer equipment. There were intentions to provide professional technical support to a number of manufacturers. In order to do that, I was directed to various special courses organized by manufacturers, where I could learn all necessary to open representatives for providing services. The first achievements in this activity can be considered the accomplishment of requirements of manufacturers APC and OKI and obtaining the statutes of official service centers in 1998.

In 2001, our IT activity was allocated to company DAAC Sistem, new tasks were formulated, and training and application of knowledge are again on the market of our country. Particularly, it was noted the obtaining and expanding of Sun Service Provider status, which took place in 2001-2003. Then, me and my colleagues were involved in a training course in South Africa in a specialized laboratory of Sun Microsystems. These courses have produced incredible impressions as the training center was located in close proximity to beautiful nature reserves of South Africa.

In 2007, within the company is created a separate department for system and network solutions, the management of which was conferred to me. And already after a couple of years, I assumed the function of Technical Director, being responsible for the activity of all engineering departments within DAAC System Integrator.

Since I work in the company, a lot had happened and changed, many ideas were discussed, many of them were implemented, people have grown and so did the company. I’m sure that soon in the future we expect many new and interesting things and I hope that my personal contribution will be useful to the common idea, but at the same time interesting for me.
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